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Welcome to a guide to providing information on renting graders. Locate grader rentals, request a quote for graders, understand types of graders, delivery and pickup of graders, and more information on renting other earthmoving equipment rentals.

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Types and Uses of Graders 


Graders have a long blade used to create a wide flat surface along roadsides or on newly constructed roads. Graders are used on fields, gravel roads, dirt roads, constructions sites, drainage ditches, and other locations. Graders may also be used for snow removal in Winter. Graders may have one or two blades. Graders may have built in operator cabins, or hitches to be pulled behind a truck or tractor.

Graders can be rented for long or short term. If you need equipment for a specific job and do not have adequate storage or budget to purchase the construction equipment, renting is a good option. Types of graders available for rent include: motor graders and pull graders, single blade and twin blade graders.

Terms of Rentals of Graders

Rentals may be arranged for days, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year or longer. If you intend to rent the grader for more than one year consider leasing or buying the grader. Terms and rental rates may be discussed with the rental company or manufacturing company. You may also find Grader Rentals listed under these terms: Road Grader, Blade, Maintainer, Motor Grader, Pull Grader, Earthmoving Rentals, Construction Rentals, Paving Rentals, Heavy Equipment Rental. Storage.

Delivery and Pick up of Equipment Rentals

Most rental companies will deliver graders or equipment to your site or location, and pick them up when you are finished via a truck and trailer. Rates will depend upon distance, assess, and location. Equipment maintenance may also be available from the rental company.


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